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Commuter Benefits

Why offer commuter benefits

Attract the best people — and keep them

The commute plays a major role in any job decision. And that’s not just true for prospective hires. Your current employees are thinking about it, too: “How much is my commute costing me?” Helping your employees save on their commute will give you an edge on your benefit strategy. And every advantage counts in attracting and keeping talent.

Enjoy a win-win for you and your employees

As an employer, offering commuter benefits means savings on payroll taxes. Your employees save too, by paying for eligible work-related commuting costs with pretax dollars. This lowers their federal taxable income and increases their take-home pay.

Stay in compliance with transit ordinances

Transit ordinances are laws designed to reduce traffic congestion and protect the environment. In some cases, they require employers to offer commuter benefits to their employees. These laws are currently in effect in New York City, Washington D.C., Seattle and parts of California. Other cities will follow. We can help you stay up to date and in compliance with these ordinances.

Employee savings on transportation to and from work

Employees can use pretax dollars to pay for eligible commuter expenses. Some common expenses may include metro and transit passes, token fare cards, vouchers or similar items for: 

  • Buses 
  • Subways 
  • Streetcars
  • Trains 
  • Ferries 
  • Vanpools/car sharing

Employee savings on parking expenses

Employees can use pretax dollars to pay for eligible parking costs at or near: 

  • Their place of work (vendor parking, including lots and garages)
  • The location where they commute to work, either by mass transit, qualifying commercial or noncommercial highway vehicle, or carpool

Commuter Benefits are easy to manage online

Employees have all they need to manage commuter benefits on the PayFlex member website. After enrolling in the online commuter benefits program, they can: 

  • Order transit and parking passes, vouchers and a Commuter Check® card 
  • Add funds to a fare card 
  • Set up monthly direct pay for their parking provider


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