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Employee well-being is good for business

Countless studies have highlighted the connection between mentally and physically healthy employees, and the positive effect it has on the company’s ROI.  Michael DiSimone, CEO of PayFlex states, “We firmly believe that what’s good for the employee is good for the employer.  We want our members to do what’s best for their families from both a health and a financial standpoint.  The two are intertwined”. Here are some tips to help get your organization, and your employees, well-being ready.

PayFlex Engage     Investing in employee well-being is good for business 


Become well-being ready

Financial stress impacts job performance

Many human resource professionals say financial stress takes a toll on employee performance.

A culture of well-being builds trust

Employers who create a culture of trust see notable improvements to workforce productivity and job satisfaction.

Help get employees well-being ready

There are three things every organization can do to address the unique needs of their workforce, and help employees improve their overall well-being.